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Was wondering if there would be enough interest/participation to host a tournament.  

I enjoy fishing the JOC tournaments, but I miss not having an opportunity to fish during prime fishing hours (fist light/last light).

The following are only suggestions, and I am open to listen to any and all ideas the someone may have, including the best price point to have max participation.

If you think you would be interested in fishing this event, post the name of your boat in this thread and share the info with others. If we have enough interest, I will try to set things up.

Jocassee Trout Fest – May 23-24

                Two day Tournament

                Registration – 1:00-3:00 – Devil’s Fork State Park Upper Trailer Lot

                Captains meeting & Cooler Check – 3:00

  1. Day 1 - afternoon blast-off 4:15 Lines in: 4:30-9:15 – Weigh-in 10:00pm
  2. Day 2 – morning blast-off 5:45 – Lines in 6:00-11:00 – Weigh in 12:00 noon

Tournament Fee - $25/Boat - $10 Big Fish

Rules of the game . . .

  • Weigh a 1 man DNR limit total – (3 fish) you can weigh in 3 fish on day one or 3 fish on day two, or any combination of 3 over the two days. (Remember this is per boat, not per person).  You can only bring three fish to the scales over two days.  Reminder that you can legally possess only 1 trout over 20” per day, so if you are fishing alone do not bring two of that size to the scales.
  • Boat does not have to have the same crew each day.


  • 1 point per pound for each fish weighed
  • You receive 5 bonus point for each trout specie entered.


  • 100% of Tournament entry – paid out
  1. 7 or less boats 1st place takes all
  2. 8-15 boat – Paid out 2 places 70-30
  3. 16-20 – Paid out 3 places 50-30-20
  4. 21-25 – Paid out 4 places 40-30-20-10
  5. Over 25 – Paid out 5 places 37-27-17-12-7

 Big Fish pay out

  1. 50% - Largest Rainbow
  2. 50% - Largest Brown



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I'm in. The only concern I have is, since that is Memorial W/E will we be able to get to the landing that Saturday afternoon. Traditionally, that's a bust weekend, and last year I saw them shut the landing down several times due to parking full (through-out the summer).

Just a thought, but like your ideas!!

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The Fishing tournament sounds great. I would recommend having it start early in the morning or later in the afternoon. The parking lot will definitely be full, and boaters will have to launch at Lake Keowee while the parking lot is full. The parking lot will start to empty out between 4-6 PM, but it could be 6:30 or 7PM before there was enough parking to accommodate an tournament. It all depends on the weather. If it is nice people will stay around longer.

I like the 50/50 payout for big fish (browns and rainbows). 

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