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I want to start trolling for trout in Lake Jocassee but my boat doesn't run slower than ~4 mph so I need a small kicker motor to get to the 1.5-2 mph trolling speed for trout. I have a 20' center console with an I/O. I'm reluctant to drill holes into my transom without understanding as much as possible about kicker motors, the best location, their steering... Can anyone offer me advice or let me look at their setup. I'm in Moore, SC which is in Spartanburg County. Thanks.


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Two simpler solutions to consider:

1) Electric Trolling motor: You have good speed control. If you go with a 24 volt system, you'll probably have 4-6 hours of endurance. It's amazing how quiet things are on the lake when you don't have an outboard running, of course I have a 2 stroke, maybe that's my problem. Plus you save a lot on gas.

2) Trolling plate: This mounts on the back of your motor and allows you to use your main motor for trolling. I have a Happy Troller. It works very well. It gives you a bit more thrust in the wind than a trolling motor (I have a 12 V 55 lb thrust Minn Kota as well).

Overall I prefer the trolling motor to the trolling plate. However the batteries do wear down on the trolling motor, so you can't run it all the time if you plan on fishing all day.

Very few people troll with a kicker on Jocasse, they either have an electric motor or a trolling plate.

One other thing I've seen done is drag a 5 gallon bucket on each side of the boat.

Good Luck,
Scott Bullions
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